Connect to an MNO with over a decade of IoT experience.


We make IoT connectivity easy through specialised industry knowledge, responsive organisation, and our unique agility tailored for every IoT need.


Innovators with a 130-year Legacy.

  • 10-year startup with a rich 130-year heritage
  • Subject matter experts fostering trust and transparency
  • Pioneers in the future of connectivity


Connecting for a Better World.

  • Environmental focus: connecting devices to enhance the world
  • Customer-centric: making our clients look and feel good
  • Trusted IoT enabler: partnering to improve the world
  • Global connectivity: enabling IoT everywhere, every day
  • Future shaping: redefining possibilities with ease and understanding
  • Empowering partnerships: Supporting our partners through speed and integration


To provide seamless global IoT connectivity, making the complex simple.


To be the trusted IoT enabler of choice, helping our partners make their world better.


OV is an IoT global MNO, with full control of the technology stack, from network to billing and API, giving you complete commercial flexibility.

Leveraging our unique blend of commercial offerings and a robust technical stack, we offer unparalleled freedom of choice, underpinned by a 130-year legacy in telecommunications. Our API-first approach ensures seamless integration and accelerates deployment, getting you to market quicker.

Despite our powerful size, our agility and flexibility mean we're small enough to care, streamlining processes to minimise red tape and maximise efficiency.

Innovation in Connectivity

API first approach for seamless integration
Trusted and transparent operations
Agile and flexible, minimising red tape
Powerful in size, small enough to care
Rapid evolution as a Mobile Network Operator (MNO)
Deep IoT understanding from device to core

Our Areas of Expertise

Global multinet connectivity solutions
Tailored footprint and pricing strategies
Specialised focus on Africa and LATAM
Enhancing resilience and security
Simplifying integration and scaling challenges
Providing visibility and transparency into networks and business
Overcoming uncooperative suppliers and reasserting control

Scale and Connectivity Leaders

Ideal for IoT Resellers, MVNOs, and large OEMs
Serving those up the connectivity food chain
Catering to customers of significant scale


National Leadership, International Impact.

OV are part of the Manx Telecom Group, where innovation and connectivity converge proudly, paving the way for a future shaped by seamless communication and collaboration.

Connecting People

Our mobile and fibre infrastructure redefine human connections, making communication and shared experiences in the modern world more enduring than ever.

Connecting Devices

Through global partnerships, we ensure smooth device connectivity across borders, making operations and communication worldwide efficient with minimal latency.

Connecting Data

We prioritise secure data handling for swift transmission and storage, empowering businesses and individuals with reliable access to essential information.


Accessible expertise.

Phil McDermott
Executive Chairman
Kristan McDonald 
Chief Executive Officer
Paul Donaldson
Chief Revenue Officer
Brad Fordham
Business Development Manager
Robin Lackie
Head of Commercial
Tom Sharkey
Chief Technology Officer
Grant Proctor
Head of Service and Delivery
Suzie Mealin
Head of Customer Success


we’d love to talk.

If you’ve got any IoT questions, would like more information on our products and services or just want to talk IoT, then we’d love to talk.

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