OV One

make the deployment and management of SIMs effortless


Unleash the potential of OV ONE

OV ONE is your all-in-one Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) for deploying and managing your cellular IoT connectivity deployments. As the IoT MNO of choice, our bespoke platform gives our partners the power to leverage our dedicated IoT agreements across the globe and simplify their estate with ONE provider.

OV ONE's user-friendly design and simple API handle make the deployment and management of SIMs effortless. OV ONE puts you in control, making IoT easy.

Provision, deploy, manage, monitor – all from a modern web UI and easy to integrate API


take control of your SIMs and monitor every aspect of your deployment.

When you choose OV ONE, you unlock the ability to provision and manage your connectivity in a simple, easy-to-use and comprehensive platform.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Gain valuable insights into your IoT usage and resource consumption across your entire estate, helping you spot trends and behaviour changes.

Realtime Session and SIM control

Access detailed pricing information and tracking of data usage in real-time, alongside comprehensive diagnostic and technical information to get up-to-the-minute control and a single place to see what’s going on.

API First Design

Build from the ground up as a modern, RESTful API we make it simple and easy to integrate OV ONE into your existing systems so you can bring our power to your current platforms. Our intuitive user interface always available however with the full functionality of our API just a few clicks away.


OV ONE puts you in control.

OV ONE is far more than just a platform. It helps you to take control and shape your connectivity experience the way you want it.

OV ONE’s powerful REST API is your gateway to automate and integrate all the functionality into your existing systems, making working with us a breeze. With a simple and straightforward API design, fully documented and with developer friendly examples and code snippets you’ll be up and running with OV ONE in no-time


A fully featured Connectivity management platform for MVNOs, OEMs and Resellers.

  • 600+ Direct Roaming Agreements
  • 170+ Countries
  • 24/7 Support
  • Remote SIM provisioning
  • MNO Core Network
  • Bootstrap and Pre-Integrated MNO Profiles


Find out how OV can help you get your IoT connectivity to market quicker.

How we can help you scale quicker and take your capabilities further so that you can be the IoT provider your customers deserve.


we’d love to talk.

If you’ve got any IoT questions, would like more information on our products and services or just want to talk IoT, then we’d love to talk.

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