Your trusted partner for innovative IOT solutions across diverse industries.


Leverage our global connectivity, IoT experience and infrastructure.

Our cutting edge technology caters to the unique needs of various sectors, delivering unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Smart Infrastructure for a Connected Future

Revolutionise your infrastructure with OV's IoT solutions. From smart buildings to advanced metering and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, we empower your operations with seamless connectivity and intelligent solutions.

Enhance Security with OV's Comprehensive Solutions

Safety is paramount, and OV ensures your peace of mind. Our comprehensive security solutions cover remote monitoring, CCTV, and access control, providing a robust foundation for safeguarding your assets and premises.

Efficient Tracking Across Industries

Optimise your logistics and operations with OV's tracking solutions. From cold chain management to fleet and asset tracking, we bring precision and control to every aspect of your business, ensuring optimal performance.


Explore the possibilities of a connected future with OV.

Where innovation meets reliability across smart infrastructure, security, tracking, and social care & medical industries.

  • Flexible commercials to support supply chains
  • ESIM/multi IMSI maximises coverage and future proofs connectivity
  • Local PGWs in EU & the USA offers reduced latency & data sovereignty
  • Device to cloud security
  • ESIM/Multi IMSI maximises coverage and future proof connectivity
  • LTEM availability ready for 2G sunset

Enhancing the setup, deployment and management of IoT SIMs globally, through advanced platforms.


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