International Women's Day: Meet Suzie Mealin

"Explore the dynamic world of Women in Tech with our latest interview featuring Suzie Mealin, Head of Customer Success at OV. With 24+ years of experience in telecoms, Suzie shares insights on breaking barriers for women in tech, the importance of building strong industry relationships, and overcoming challenges such as work-life balance. Discover Suzie's inspiring journey and her empowering message for young women considering a fulfilling career in technology and telecommunications. Join us in reshaping the future of these industries!"

As part of our ongoing Women in Tech series, we chatted with Suzie Mealin, Head of Customer Success at OV. With over 24 years of experience in marketing, products, and sales within the telecoms industry, Suzie shared her insights on why more women need to take on roles in tech and telecommunications, the challenges they face, and her message to young women considering a career in this field.

When asked about what aspect of her job she loves the most, Suzie explained: "Working closely with our partners is incredibly rewarding and satisfying; it exposes me to new perspectives, feedback, and insights, which keeps my work engaging and dynamic, as no two days are exactly alike. "This highlights the importance of building strong relationships with partners and stakeholders in the industry, which can lead to valuable opportunities for growth and development.

Suzie also emphasised the need for more women to take on roles in tech: "The tech and telecommunications industries have historically been male dominated, leading to biases and stereotypes that can create barriers for women," she said. "However, there is the opportunity to pursue fulfilling, impactful, and rewarding career paths while contributing to shaping the future of technology and society."

When asked about the most significant challenge women encounter in the tech field today, Suzie highlighted the issue of work-life balance. "Balancing work commitments with family responsibilities can be challenging for women, particularly in roles that require long hours or frequent travel," she explained. "However, there are workplaces that have addressed work-life balance issues and provide supportive policies such as flexible work arrangements."

Finally, Suzie had a message for young women considering a career in tech: "Believe in yourself and your abilities; don't let anyone discourage you or make you doubt your potential. My career is incredibly rewarding. I've been surrounded by individuals who have believed in me, supported my goals, and provided guidance and encouragement along the way."